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Puppy Pre-school


Delta Accredited Canine Good Citizen Instructor                        

Certificate IV in Dog Behavioural Training

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Jean runs the puppy preschool in the clinic's waiting room. We highly recommend that your pup goes through the class- we can always tell when one of Jean's pups come in as they're always looking for their mates to play with! Socialisation at an early age is key to teach puppies how to interact.


  •   Classes run for 4 weeks, approximately 1.5 hours once a week.
  •   Puppies must only have had their 1st vaccination to commence.
  •   Positive Reward Based Training for puppies 8-14 weeks of age.
  •   Classes are held in veterinary clinics for the protection of your puppy.











The main aim of Jean’s Puppy Pre-School is to teach and promote positive reward based training, and to produce informed, competent, caring owners with well mannered and well socialized puppies – good citizens on both ends of the lead.

The course focuses on:

  • Good Manners
  • Socialisation
  • Owner Education (leadership, toilet training, play biting, enriching the puppy’s environment, health issues such as fleas, heartworm prevention, intestinal worming, grooming and much more).
  • Behavioural Management


The exercises the puppies learn are:

  • Recall (come when called)
  • Sit
  • Watch Me (getting your puppy’s attention)
  • Drop
  • Stay
  • Settle on their Mat (having a calm puppy in the house)
  • Leave It


Owners are provided with detailed information each week on all topics discussed in class and have homework allocated to practice with their puppy each week.

All puppies receive a certificate and photo from their graduation.